Question Vetroo M01 Front Pannel issue

I want to install my old Corsair H100 on the front
why not place it in the ceiling like it should be, exhausting the CPU's heat out through the top
and leave the 200mm front intake?

from these images though i don't see what the issue is.
i don't see anything near enough to the fan\radiator mounting points that it would interfere with installation.
the 120mm wide radiator's edges should only protrude a few millimeters at most outside of where it's mounting points are.
all of the case's protruding pieces seem to be pretty far outside of even the 140mm mounting points.
I find it is impossible to remove the four screw/hooks on the panel.
do you mean the larger plastic, broken, front panel tabs
or the smaller metal screw inserts\standoffs?

without the plastic tabs the front panel should not connect correctly;
may be loose, crooked, vibrating, etc.
without the metal inserts the metal plates may also vibrate or even shake loose and fall apart.