Question Vetroo v5 thoughts ?

So I bought one of these. My system is a ryzen 5 3600, asrock ab350 pro 4, gtx 1070 mini, 16gb ddr4 3000. Power spec 750 watt bronze semi modular psu which I’ll probably upgrade later.

Anyway, some thoughts. They could make the instructions a little clearer, you kind of have to look at the pictures. I didn’t do that at first and had trouble getting the arms mounted correctly and so couldn’t get the cooler to attach. Once I looked at the pictures then a lot easier and I had it installed relatively quickly after that. But they could mark them or something. Also I couldn’t use the rgb. My board appears to have 4 pin rgb, the cover seemed to have one pin blocked.

I’ve got a case with 6 fans and mesh front. I’ve only got the single 120mm on the cooler in config. I used arctic mx4 when I mounted it. On amd it uses the stock backplate so that’s kind of nice. For Intel chips, looks like you’ve got to swap the backplate.

Temp wise. I haven’t run aida64, but in a10 minute multicore cinebench r23 run, the highest temps I’ve seen are 70, maybe close to 70.5 according to ryzen master. Previously I was using a wraith prism, temps would get to 73-74 under that load. My idle temp I’ve seen go as low as 29c-30c briefly, sometimes jumping to 37-40. If you have a zen 2 cpu you know how they operate.

Overall it’s a decent cooler. Maybe I’ll swap to some led fans later in push/pull config. If you already have a wraith prism or max, you are likely doing ok. At least with the ryzen 5 3600. For 26 bucks I’m happy with it. I would say if you’ve got a cpu like the 3600 or 5600x that maybe comes with a wraith stealth cooler, this will probably help you drop your temps.

I purchased from eBay, but it arrived in a Newegg box, but was a dollar or two less than Newegg. Anyway, quick thoughts if anyone is looking at that cooler.