Question VG248qe w/3070 - Screen Tearing and V-Sync


Jul 3, 2019

I just upgraded my pc to this build:

And I forgot my monitor only works up to 60hz with hdmi. Also,with hdmi I had a lot of screen tearing so I activated V-Sync and it got solved but now I can only play at 60fps.

Since my GPU only has displayport and hdmi outputs... If I buy a 1.4Display Port (DP to DP) would I be able to play at 144hz and 144+fps, or would I have to be capped at 144fps because of V-Sync?

Any suggestions on what monitor I should buy in the coming months is appreciated too! Thanks!
Dec 26, 2022
so yes u would be able to. V-Sync is just a option in your gpu software to sync your refresh rate to your fps. but u can have it off to have 144fps+ but it would most likely give u some screen tearing. plus sense u have a 144 hz monitor you would only be able to see 144 fps and lower but nothing higher then 144 fps. So I don't see the point of getting more then what u can see. Hope this helped You!