Aug 12, 2008
Hi everyone, my Asus Radeon HD 4870 has been getting pretty hot and I was thinking of getting rid of the stock cooler and putting on a third party cooler, but I am not sure which ones fit on a 4870.

I was thinking of the ZALMAN VF1000 2 Ball VGA Cooler, I know someone that has one and it works well (they are not using it with a 4870, they have a geforce card). I checked the zalman website and the support list for the cooler is out dated and I have yet to hear back from them via email.

And on newegg someone said that it is compatible with the 4870 and then somebody else said that its not compatible at all.

Could someone help me out or even let me know of a different VGA cooler for my video card?



Nov 16, 2007
Have you adjusted the fan speed? I know they run hot, but these things are designed with extremely high thermal shield limits, its around 120c I believe, give or take a few. I keep my fan around 60% and temps idle at 45c, peaks around mid 60s, but on a hot day when my A/C cant keep up it hits the 70s, which is still 30c-50c below the limit.

The only reason I would never get rid of the stock cooler is because of the exelent airflow it provides, even if it can be loud. The amount of air being pushed out the back is enormous, and its HOT. Putting that Zalman, or really any 3rd party cooler on there might keep the core temp lower, but all that hot air is gonna remain in the case until it can find a way out. Not to mention you could potentially be losing alot of memory OCing headroom by removing the stock, unless you got some damn good sinks.


Aug 18, 2008
This one is a preaty good cooler for a HD 4870, and add a Thermaltake Silent Fan II on it and it looks nice, and is quieter and more efficiant.

Thermaright V2