VGA Cooler for nVidia 7950gt, some questions


Dec 8, 2006
I have a few questions about getting a VGA cooler. My setup: Antec 900 case, Hiper 580W PSU, Gigabyte DS3 MB, Intel C2D 6600 w/ Zalman CNP9500, 2 GB Corsair Dominator XMS2 800, eVGA 7950gt Superclocked . I haven't built the system yet, and am still waiting for some parts, hence the peremptory questions.

To begin, do I even need VGA cooling with this setup? I plan on overlocking the 6600 to 3.4 or so, and will probably tinker around with the vid card. Newegg reviews had people claiming the card ran pretty hot, high fifties to low sixties, and into seventies with slight overclocking. The eVGA comes with a decent looking stock fan, but is it enough..

If I do need cooling, I was looking at some on Newegg, and figured I might run into problems. I'm not sure how fans like the Zalman VF900 or FS-V7 are installed. Someone mentioned they require a PCI slot. The PCI-16 slot on the DS3 mobo has two small PCI-E slots next to it, then three PCI slots (which I plan on filling all three). So do these things install into the closest PCI-E slot? Also, is the VF900 a good choice? I also read something about them being a bit to heavy and bending the vid card. Money isn't really an issue, and I'm always surprised when people building multi-thousand dollar systems quibble over ten or twenty bucks for an important part 8O


Dec 1, 2006
I'm going to go with the VF900 myself. This review explains the advantages and disadvantages quite nicely. One of which being it is actually lighter than the 7800GT stock cooler. Of course you could always go with water if budget is of no concern.

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