VGA cooler Question


Aug 11, 2009
I have a palit 4850 sonic GDDR 5. I oced it to match a 4870. Now.
with the stock cooler <which looks like a normal palit 4850> i get around 59c to 75 c with ambient temp being 35-45 c .
STOCK clocks--
core- 700
mem- 3600 <gddr5>
core - 52 c- 65c
mem- 55- 60 c- 69c
OC clocks
core- 760
mem- 4000-4025
core- 65c-75 c
mem- 68c-79c
Beyond those clocks i get 10- 500 artifacts.

What do you think-
1.if i get a AC S1 REV2 with fans, will i be able to get more mileage?
OR is the board already touching its limits? the stock cooler doing a good job, do ieven need to upgrade?<my cooler pretty much looks like the palit 4850 sonic's>.
3. i have a vddc heatsink prefitted. its black powder coated with short broad fins. Do i need to use the ones which come with the AC S1?
4. Is my card worth the 150$ i paid 3 months ago.<considering the 4870 performance?>..
5. if u want to, suggest a better cooler or anything if u can....
1: You might but I do n't think it's worth the expense.
2: If the temps are under load then yes it's doing a good job, leave it alone.
3: I'd say yes, put a larger cooler on it, they get very hot, even at stock loads.
4: Depends on where you live.
5: Like I said, the cooler is one of the better ones, I'd leave it alone.