Question VGA Debug light after initial boot

Sep 14, 2022
I just finished building a new pc and was able to boot it up successfully and began to install windows 10 from a USB drive. When the PC restarted to install the OS it successfully went through the DRAM and CPU debug lights but stopped on VGA debug. I have not been able to install the OS but if I reset the CMOS I can get to my bios. The current GPU is new and works in a friends system and I have the same problem with my old gpu that also works. I have reinstalled the CPU, cleaned and tried using both PCI-E slots, used only 1 ram stick and I can consistently boot it up once but I can't do it again unless I reset the CMOS. I took care to use my power supply as grounding while building the PC and all of the parts are new so I am guessing I am missing something and that the parts are not broken.
Ryzen7 5800x CPU
Rx 6800 GPU
Asus Tuf gaming b550 plus wifi II MOBO
Antec HCG 1000PSU
G-Skill 16gb two module ram
WD 1tb black NVME ssd