Question VGA Debug Light

Jun 26, 2020
Hi everyone,
First time posting so I'm sorry if I miss anything. also the first time builder.

I'm getting a VGA to debug light on my motherboard.
when the computer turns on it goes to a black screen saying no display has been found.
Now when I turn the computer on I am able to force it into bios and exit and it does boot into windows as per normal.
It just won't boot into windows without me going into bios to start with.

I have updated Bios
set a boot priority to my SSD that has windows boot manager on it.
I've increased power supply to maximum
I've checked compatibility
- To note after I manually boot the pc after Bios I am able to go in and see GPU working.
I am able to play the games I normally would on maximum and still get 100FPS so I don't believe its a dead GPU

Ryzen 5 3600
Gigabyte 5600 XT
MSI B450 Gaming plus
T.Force 3600mhz 16Gb
Cougar GX-F 650W

For reference im playing mostly
Overwatch set as high as it goes 99-120 FPS
FFXIV on maximum 80-140 FPS
and LoL 450FPS but i think league can run on a toaster

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you