Question VGA Driver Update on MSI Gaming Laptop (GS63VR)

Jun 21, 2020
Hi everyone,

so. A while ago, I read that it could be problematic to install the newer generic drivers from NVIDIA or Intel to update the ones supplied by the manufacturer. Specifically, that it could ruin the hardware. I had read about this after the graphics card of an older laptop computer of mine (the drivers of which I always updated to the latest NVIDIA-Version) broke.

Until very recently it didn't bother me to just keep on using the drivers that MSI supplies on their website, but now I've started running into problems with Premiere Pro and would really like to update the graphics drivers all around.

So, does anyone have experience with updated drivers on the MSI GS63VR RF6(Stealth Pro)? Or a well founded opinion on whether an update would be safe?

Thanks a bunch in advance!