Question VGA Error light is lit but the GPU is detected in Device Manager and in NZXT Cam ?

Jun 4, 2022
My computer
-i7 12700k cpu
-Aorus z690 pro ddr5
-Dark power 12 1500w
-3080 strix white edition 10gb
-Kingston DDR5 16gb

My computer when first turns on doesn't show any display but my mouse and keyboard are on. If i restart it boots up in safe mode(I think) because my wallpaper engine is in safe mode.
when it boots it just straight goes to desktop so I can't open Bios. Iv'e also installed all the drivers that popped up.
so more here
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The link requires sign-in to microsoft, you might want to refrain for posting such links.
You can always go to Bios, try holding down the key after power on.
Tell me you installed drivers from Manufacturers not Microsoft.
Is the clock up to date ? Shows normal time on every boot or is it off ?