Question VGA ez debug led and no display

Nov 4, 2020
First time build - Every component powers up, initially with startup, cpu ez debug led turns solid and gets replaced with VGA ez debug led in 30 seconds and the latter last forever.
Is my gpu is faulty? But gpu fans are spinning.

Troubleshooting I've tried :
  • clear BIOS
  • try to boot with single ram stick
  • re-seat all components
  • try to flash BIOS with USB
  • try hdmi into gpu and even into motherboard!
I'm not getting a single pixel from HDMI onto the monitor throughout the whole sequence, just no signal (cause monitor is not receiving any HDMI cable is working fine on other system). I think there has to be some compatibility issue with gpu because it is OC edition and it clearly says model no. GV-N166SOC-6GD.
Please help

Graphics card - Gigabyte GeForce gtx 1660 super 6gb GDDR6 OC edition
Motherboard - msi B450 tomahawk max II
Memory - HyperX fury 8gb ddr4 3200mhz*2 stick
Processor - AMD ryzen 7 2700
PSU - Corsair CV550
Nov 4, 2020
you said you have another system. can you put the GPU in that system to test and see if it will display?
Sorry but system meant a laptop where I tested my HDMI to monitor and it was working.
People trying weird solutions for this vga led(seen multiple answers with this sorta problemin same forum).I assume my gpu is fine or in working state because it spins its own fans, the problem is, my motherboard is not detecting the gpu but still powering it, which lead to, I guess an error or bug or even slight incompatibility of gpu with motherboard.
I was about to take this gpu and my motherboard to test out woth other components from a local shop(they don't even have ddr4 ram supporting mobo, so it is very unlikely they'd test gpu into their system and their gpu in mine) but I thought to figure this out or at least get to know about real issue whether is that with gpu or who knows something else.
Thanks for showing interest
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