Question VGA led ON - MSI board + NO Display (Randomly - Extremely Strange)


Mar 24, 2020
Hi, I have a system made in 2019.
The board is MSI B450M PRO M2 V2 (Bios updated)
CPU - R5 3600
GPU - Zotac 1060 3GB
Corsair CX 500

Issue -

Many times my PC won't boot, And the Motherboard displays LED indicator (EZ Debug LED) on the "VGA".

The Motherboard logo doesn't come up on the Display Monitor + Cannot enter BIOS

NOTE - This happens randomly, Sometimes the PC boots (After every 30-50 attempts the PC boots, Sometimes on the first attempt only)


Troubleshooting Tried -

  1. Clean the dust + Reassembled the whole PC several times.
  2. Tried different GPUs (Tried another 1060 + Another old GPU - The same issue LED on for VGA)
  3. Reinstalled Windows
  4. Updated drivers
  5. Tried a different power source
  6. Updated BIOS

Right now the PC is ON. Working flawlessly, Did Gaming - 0 Crashes, 0 BSOD. No issues whatsoever.

But the next time I turn it off, I don't know when it will start again.

This issue has been troubling me for months.
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