Question VGA LED on Prime Z390-A turns on when I Boot Up While Monitor is Turned Off

Nov 6, 2020
I built a new PC last week and noticed an odd issue. Everytime I boot up, if my monitor is turned off, the white VGA LED light comes on and stays on. It doesn't come on if ,though if my monitor is on during bootup. I've never experienced this issue. It doesn't particularly affect performance, but I have noticed that my game (Warzone, Fallout 4) crashes from time to time. I haven't tried other games yet. I'm wondering if its related to this MOBO issue? My build is as follows:

Prime Z390-A

RTX 3070


Seasonic 750W 80+Gold

500GB M.2 Storage

32gb 3200Mhz RAM

Kraken x53 AIO

I thought maybe it was related to the 3070 seeing as its a new card. But I've reinstalled drivers, and also switched it out with my GTX 1080, with the same results. Any idea if this is just a buggy MOBO? I may end up returning it and getting the Aorus z390 Pro since its just a little bit more.