Question VGA LED stays lit but monitor shows display?


Dec 8, 2018
This happened the second time and it's a dilemma but the thing is it shows the fact this happened twice before today compared to what happened the day before. What I did was reboot the PC and it went away. Is this a motherboard issue thing? I still show display and everything but the mobo VGA led stays lit. So I assume if it shows display then there is no video card issue and it has to be motherboard hardware related or whatever but from what I read on forums that it happened to a few people out there. They claimed it's a bad display port but I have no issues. I have a VESA certified Display port for 1920x1080p 144hz. Also, this video card isn't a year old. I also read that it could be a bios issue and just needs to be reflashed. I even contacted ASUS tech support and we both know their tech isn't savvy but they did claim if it continues I may need to RMA but I am unsure if I need to if this can be resolved easily?
I am using an ASUS ROG STRIX Z390 GAMING E motherboard.
i7 8700k processor
Corsair Cooler H100i
16Gigs of ram Corsair Veng RGB
EVGA 1660TI Ultra XC 6gb
Corsair 700 Watt power supply

2 Samsung SSD 500gb as OS primary drive and 256gb for storage and gaming.
NXZT H700i case.

Recent latest bios update too. 1302
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