Question VGA Light after installing new GPU

Jan 14, 2023
Hey I hope someone can help as I'm pulling my hair out trying fix this issue.

I bought a MSI 3080 and after installing it I'm getting the VGA light on my motherboard.

I upgraded my PSU because I thought maybe my old one wasn't giving enough power, but the VGA light appeared again.

Here's everything I've tried and below that are my specs:

  • Reseated GPU (several times)
  • Tried all combinations of the two PCIe cables in the GPU
  • Removed RAM and tried using one stick, tried all slots and all combination of slots
  • Flashed and updated BIOS
  • Removed battery from motherboard
  • Plugged power directly into a wall socket rather than extension cable
  • Unplugged all USB devices prior to powering on
  • Different Display Port cable
  • Tried HDMI rather than DP
  • Tried a different monitor
  • Uninstalled all graphics drivers before swapping GPUs
  • Returned the GPU for testing and outcome was that the card works fine. This was my last resort and I'm gutted that it's not a dead card as it all points to that.

I feel like I've exhausted all troubleshooting options, but the funny thing is my old GPU works absolutely fine when I put that back in.

Before I purchased the new card I made sure to check compatibility with my motherboard etc. and it should all work ok.

If anyone has any ideas I'm open to anything before I try purchasing a new motherboard.


NZXT H510 case
AMD Ryzen 3700x
Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4
Western Digital WDS500G2B0B M.2 SSD
New PSU: 850W Aerocool Integrator
Old PSU: AeroCool Integrator Mod Xt 750W
Old GPU: Radeon 5700xt
New GPU: MSI Geforce RTX 3080
Monitor: LG 27GK750F
2nd Monitor tried: iiyama G-Master GB2760HSU

Send help!
Jan 14, 2023
Where did you buy, and used or new? Sounds like the card might be dead tbh.

I bought new from, and when I returned it they said they tested it under stress with no issues so sent it back to me. I thought dead card too. My mate is coming round this weekend with his tower, he has a 3080 too so I'm going to try my card in his machine then I'll know for sure. If it works in his I might just fully rebuild and save my sanity