Question Vga light on after bios update, black screen

Apr 12, 2022
I have been having problems with my computer freezing and wanted to update the bios to eliminate that as an issue. However after the update now I have a black screen.
The vga white light was on however after reading a post to unplug dp cable, power the pc on, power off and plug the dp cable and power back on the light has went out but still no screen. No idea what to do next.

Ps I have also downloaded the bios again on a USB drive and did a flashback to make sure that the first install wasn't interrupted or messed up, it didn't change the issue.

Rog strix z590 a gaming wifi
Msi rtx 3080 venous 3x 10g oc card
850 watt corsair RM series 80 plus PSU
Intel i9 11900k oc to 5ghz processor