Question VGA Light On, No Post

Feb 9, 2022
Hi all,

When I attempt to boot my PC it will freeze at the little underscore screen, the underscore does not blink and it will stay like this for a while until it completes goes black screen.
Everything seems to turn on in the case, and the VGA light stays on.

I’ve done a lot of search over the internet and I’m aware that this seems to be a common issue, however none of the solutions have worked so far.
I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting all the parts, testing each RAM per slot, changing cables and resetting CMOS. Since I don’t have access to BIOS I’m not sure what else I can do at this point.

I remember during the last shut down, there was an error prompt, however I was in a rush and clicked on “Shutdown Anyway” before I read it.

My specs are as follows:
ASUS B350 motherboard
2700x processor
G skill trident z ram @ 3000mhz
Seasonic 750watt powersupply, which is 2 years old.

Any Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.