Question VGA light

Oct 3, 2021
I have just built my pc here is my specs:
Ryzen 9 5900x
32 Gb Corsair vengence so 3600mhz c18
1Tb 980 pro ssd m.2
500gb 980 pro ssd-m.2
Corsair rm850x psu
Asus tuf x570 pro motherboard
Nzxt h710i case
Nzxt kraken x73
And the gpu: Gigabyte Rtx 3080 Gaming OC rev 2.0
Monitor Dell s21dgfa 165hz 1440p

the problem:When I start my pc it goes through the stages -the lights however it stops on the VGA one and stays there and no display goes to my monitor.
I have also done a bios update and same problem.
Changed the gpu slot-no change
Took out both ram test and even 1 in and test came up with ram not in so I guess not that.As once I plugged one in the VGA comes up again.
Lastly I have also reset my CMOS and nothing has changed.

Can you help tell me anything else I could do or agree on this:what I think is going on is that I have a faulty gpu?