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Question Vga red light on, no display on monitor


May 9, 2017
Alright, I know this is a common problem, I found about 30 threads on this. However, nothing seems to work

I built a new PC today. I'm using an MPG X570 Gaming Edge WiFi motherboard, connected to an rx 550 and powered by a Corsair VS Series VA650 (650 watts)
Also, the CPU is a ryzen 7 3800x.

I've double checked to make sure every power cable is secure. When I turn the PC on, the fan on the video card runs, all my other fans run and my liquid cooling light on the cou turns on as well. I've made sure that my RAM is properly seated, and I've tested the video card on both PCI slots. I removed the cmos battery, left it outside for ten minutes while the PC is off, then put it back on. No matter what I do, the display doesn't work, and I don't get a video signal

I tried the graphics card on a different PC with the same HDMI cable connected to the same monitor and it worked fine.

What can I do?