VGA Splitter Problem

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Oct 14, 2011
I am having an odd problem and trying to see if someone else may know the answer.

What I got is a computer running Windows 2000. The computer only has 1 vga port and I absolutely have to have 2 monitors. One monitor is right next to the pc, and the other is roughly 15 feet away.

This whole setup was working fine for a while and then the monitor next to the pc started to glitch out. I unplugged monitor, restarted the pc, and I checked the settings and they all seem fine. I have a computer 10 feet away set up in the exact same way, they are the exact same model computer as well, so I swapped the vga splitter to see if the problem was in the splitter. The one from the bad pc worked fine on the other setup.

When on the bad pc I plug the main monitor into the new splitter, it works fine. I unplug it and plug the other monitor in and it works fine. Now when I plug the main one in and it starts to work, I then plug the other monitor in as well. The main one goes black and the other monitor works.

I have tried changing settings, cables and the vga splitter. Nothing has worked. I am hoping it is not the graphics, the computer works great with one monitor, just not two anymore.

any help would be appreciated.
If that is a passive VGA splitter (no power connection) then your problem is the video card no longer being able to put out enough power to drive two monitors at once.
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