Question VGA to Displayport Passive Adapter Stopped working on AMD GPU

Jun 20, 2019
Hello, a few days ago I had an issue with my PC, my GPU is an Asrock Radeon RX 570, my monitor is an AOC e2270swn, so basically everything started after I unplugged everything from my PC to clean it with a compressed air can, then I reconnected everything and for some reason the monitor had this "No signal" message and then went black, so I checked my HDMI port by connecting my TV and HDMI worked just fine, the monitor was working properly when I connected it to my laptop just with the VGA cable (No Adapter), it was fine, I did many thing like I actually reinstalled windows, updated GPU drivers, tried to disconnect and reconnect the monitor several times, and the issue seems to be the adapter, my adapter is a passive adapter, but It was working fine like for about 6 month already, I tried my brother's VGA to Displayport adapter and it did worked, but my brother's adapter is an active one, I bought a new adapter it was also passive, and it did not worked, so, the first adapter probably is fine, but is strange because none of the passive ones work on my brother's PC, my brother's GPU is a GeForce Nvidia 1080, it seems passive adapter is not working anymore for some reason, which it does not make sense in my opinion, my GPU has several Displayports and none of it works with the passive adapter, and I assure you that the passive adapter worked fine for like 6 months, I really don't know what the issue might be at this point, also additional information is that when I connected the ACTIVE adapter and then tried the passive one it shows as Generic Non PnP monitor.

I appreciate any comments on this.