Question VGA To DP Adapter, That Simple?


May 15, 2018
I’m just about to get an rtx 2080, the main monitor I will be using is fine but the small side monitor I have is vga only.

Is just getting a vga to dp adapter all I really need to do?

Also as a side question, I shall be using a 1440p/144hz monitor, apart from the obvious differences will there be any effects like 144hz not working on my main monitor because side monitor is 60hz and a different resolution?

Thanks for any help.
make sure to get an "active" adapter and then it really is that simple. DP is giving strictly a digital signal while vga is strictly analog. the active adapter will convert the signal and then should be good to go.

i am assuming you do not plan on gaming on both monitors. so the second smaller, slower monitor should not hamper your main one in game. if it does, then simply turn it off while gaming. win + p will bring up the monitor quick menu and you can turn off second one then turn it back one when needed.

i use 2 monitors and a tv and do this all the time to swap between what is turned on and what is not. :)
Multiple monitors require @ 2-3% of gpu output per additional monitor. I've been running dual for years, never bothered turning the secondary off, even when gaming as the gpu is never at 95+% capacity.

DisplayPort is digital. Hdmi is digital/analog. Dvi-d is digital, Dvi-dual is digital, Dvi-i is digital/analog. If it doesn't carry an analog signal, it will not passively adapter to vga. You'll need an active powered adapter for that.