VGA to TV via Composite Video = No picture


Jan 30, 2009
I recently purchased an ASUS EAH4350 SILENT graphics card which has DVI, VGA & HMDI ports.

Initially I connected the VGA port to the same on my flat screen ACER monitor. OK - so far so good.

Because I wanted to connect the PC to my TV, I bought a DVI-D cable to connect the PC to the monitor, leaving the VGA port available for connection to the TV.

The link to the monitor is fine via DVI-D - No probs.

I bought a VGA to Composite video cable - and aaaggghh - no picture on the TV. I even tried putting the VGA output from the PC into a converter which has a standard phono out (yellow connection) for the TV - but still nothing.

Anyone any ideas whats going on ?? The VGA out worked originally when connected to the PC, so why doesn't it when I connect it to the TV (and use the DVI for the monitor) ??