Question VGA work, DVI not, for only 1 of 3 monitors


Dec 2, 2012
Hello, thank you for any help.

My original set up is three monitors, all a bit different. I've had this running for awhile now, no issues. Sometimes I have a minor power problem with my PSU, I need to update soon.

I moved my PC, plugged in my primary high res monitor with DVI and I get a "Attention: No Video Signal",

I plug my second monitor, a low res monitor, with DVI and it works perfectly.

I plugged in my primary monitor with a VGA but instead of into the graphics card, I plugged it into the onboard video card. Bam, primary monitor on but low res quality due to VGA.

I currently have my primary monitor plugged in using VGA, and my secondary monitor running on the DVI cable, which is just weird to me.

Things I've Done: I've restarted the computer with every possible set up. Re-inserted the graphics card into a different slot, then back. I've used a different PCI-E cable. I checked the input cables and tried switching from VGA to DVI settings on my monitor multiple times. I've scoured the internet for ideas and options. I know my PSU isn't the best but everything is still running the same the only difference: DVI doesn't work on my primary monitor anymore.