VGA works, DVI "no signal"


Jun 30, 2011
I've been struggling with this problem for weeks and I am starting to get really frustrated. I'm using an Acer s211hl bd monitor and when I use the VGA port (VGA cable with DVI adapter to the video card) it works fine. But I had a problem where I was getting horizontal distortion lines across my screen and it was unbearable while gaming, I later found out that because my power supply is a very high wattage it interferes with the analog signal carried through the VGA cable, so I would have to use DVI. But when I plug in the DVI cable I get "no signal". When I connect both cables to the monitor and force the monitor to DVI through Catalyst Control Center, I get no signal. If I try to swap to DVI input on the monitor it immediately reverts back to VGA. Also, there is a difference on my monitor between "no signal" and "no cable connected", if I just connect the DVI cable I don't get "no cable connected", I get "no signal". The only thing I've read so far that seems plausible is that the monitor's EDID is corrupted, and I would have absolutely no idea how to fix that.

Also, the port on my graphics card is a DVI-I dual link cable, the port on my monitor is a DVI-D dual link cable, and the cable I'm using is a DVI-D single link cable. From the research I've done, it should be compatible.

I'm using the following GPU:
Asus - HD Radeon 6800 series

If anyone has any insight or advice I would appreciate it greatly.

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