Question Via Root hub 3.0 problem

Nov 27, 2020
I have a weird problem with my PCIE usb 3.0 card

My Specs:

ryzen 5 3600

Gigabyte Aorus B550 Pro

RTX 2070 Windforce 3X


So, my motherboard came with 2 broken pins on the internal USB 3.0 port (short story - retailer and gigabyte refused to change's a looooong story though). Anyway, I bought a Delock PCIE card (89315) which had an internal port for USB.3.0...But it's not (always) working. Most of the times, when I open the device manager the VIA USB Root Hub 3.0 has the fault Code 10 - STATUS DEVICE POWER FAILURE. At first I though the card was faulty. Once I opened the case and made sure the cables were connected correctly and turned the PC on again, the root hub was working. Next day the same deal. One thing I managed to do and worked some of the times is to plug a usb in one of the ports, uninstall the roothub (not the drivers), rescanned for hardware changes and then the card was working again. But that solution is hardly wokring half of the times. I really can't find a solution on the internet to make it work.

What I have done: Updated BIOS to F10 version, reinstalled the XHCI drivers that gigabyte had, disabled fast startup, disabled the "suspend USB" setting from power management. Also the specific device's properties don't have the Power Management tab in order to check if the "let the pc shut this device" box is checked. Changed cables from the psu. Basically I have done everything in my knowledge and anything I found on the internet

Is there anything I can do or is the card really faulty so I can change it?

P.S. The extension host controller is working fine (it has no exclamation mark on it), it's just the root hub that is failing to work.


The Via XHCI driver. The latest one I have is 5.4 but it looks like there is a 5.6b out there now.
And by "install it first" I mean after you re-install windows (which is why I haven't bothered trying it) this is the first driver you install after the chipset driver.