Question Victus gaming laptop no game


May 8, 2009
I have not posted in many years but find myself in need of another perspective or person of experience. I bought a Victus 16-D0013DX, i5 16gb, 256gb ssd, 1tb ssd, 3050 laptop to travel with, my current Job requires a ton of travel, it gamed great for about 7 months then.... HP forced Win11 down my throat and things got bad, not a t first but within 14 days things started acting wierd. 2 days ago I was playing God of War and I noticed the characters on the game weren't as crisp as they usually looked. I also had random disconnections to my xbox controller. Then came the laggy input and more random disconnects with worse frame rate. My battery was dying so I saved the game and exited to windows and went to bed. woke up the next morning and decided to play Halo...... NOPE not a chance..... unplayable!! Then tried Far cry 5, DOOM eternal, God Of War ...... all less than 5 FPS. I checked everything and decided to clean install windows 11..... NOPE ... A no go as well. I found that the Intel UHD is not being swapped to nvidia graphics for gaming I can swap it in a few games but most just wont change to nvidia. Getting ready to send back to HP..... Any Thoughts?
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