Question (video) Asrock z390 phantom gaming itx board weird flashing, hissing, computer won't turn on

Oct 5, 2019
So I was playing the surge 2 with my newly built computer, out of a sudden my computer shut down completely as if a loss of power occurred. It couldn't be turn on after that, like dead silent when power on button is pressed, no fans turning etc.. I thought it was a psu failure at first( seasonic focus 850), so I changed to another psu from my old system(xfx 850w), still no signs of power on. However that's when I noticed a faint clicking, hissing sound from the lower part of the chassis. I thought at first it's the psu, then I noticed the flashing lights located at the bottom of the motherboard, the noise synchronizes with the flashing. Please see video. This happens when I switched on the psu switch at the back of the computer, BEFORE the actual power button of the computer is pressed. Did anyone encounter similar problems before?

Computer specs -

i9 9900k
Gtx 980
Mushkin ram 32gb
Seasonic focus 850w/xfx xxx edition 850w