Question Video/Audio Editing Software?

Dylan Beckett

Jul 12, 2021

I need some advice on the best FREE and/or PAID software for Video and/or Audio editing - but please read the whole thread before you post to make sure your post is relevant to what I need it for ok.

I will be recording video using my Camera (*.MTS files) and my Samsung A33 Android phone (seems to be MP4, but says can do HEVC to save space too?)

There is something wrong with my PC and I am recording the inside of the Tower to try to get a recording (Audio at least) to show you guys to see if you can identify it from the sound and maybe any visual cues (but not expecting any of that).

NOTE - This is for a Win 11 PC - I've posted here as I know most things work the same in Win 10 - so please leave my thread here ok.
I mention this in case there's software that works better with Win 11...

I want to be able to insert the video recording it into either Video and/or Audio editing software (eg the latter I've used Adobe Audition in the past) so I can see at a glance where the audio spikes/peaks are as it's quiet most the time.
But then every 30 mins -2 hours? or something - there is this distinct sound that repeats over time.

That is what I'm chasing.

So I must be able to see the volume levels visually to skip straight to it.

So Audio is what really matters. I can always just play the video normally in VLC and just skip to the loud points to check visually once I know the audio peaks.

If you think I'd need to convert the video first - please recommend something for that too (same parameters for posts as for the rest).

So suggestions for something fairly EASY to use as it's a one off - I'm not going to learn something complicated over months etc.
Would also help greatly if you can please tell me how to insert it into the multitrack to see the audio peaks etc.

And while I can probably figure it out - if you feel like telling me how to cut clips to post later - that'd be cool too

Don't forget to say which version (eg 2.5) and if it's paid or free (re whatever you recommend)

Thank you for your help
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The free Audacity will open mp4 video files and show you the audio track, with peaks and valleys. You can quickly move to and listen to any point of the track.

You could then export any portion of that audio track as a WAV file or MP3 file for anyone to listen to.

I've been using version 2.1.3 on Windows 10, but that's not the newest version.

But I wouldn't expect more than conjecture as to what any audio recording of an internal noise inside a PC might bearings, "electrical noise", any moving part, air turbulence, etc. Let alone whether the noise is utterly harmless.

All the more complicated if the noise occurs randomly and only once every 30 minutes or 2 hours. That would likely eliminate the "megaphone" method of locating the source.