Video Capture Card, to record PS3 while playing 1080P on T.V. ? How?


Mar 29, 2011

There are really A LOT of products to capture video, and i'm confused. Which one i need.

I'm going to explain the needs for you, and hopefully you'll let me know if there's a product can help me.

I have no problem with my screen, i play on a 55" T.V.. What i have problem with is the stupid HDCP in my PS3!

What i have:

1- Full 1080p TV
2- PS3 (HDCP'ed)
3- Pioneer high end sound system (AMP) (6 HDMI in - 1 out to TV)

The setup now is in this way:
My PS3 > HDMI CABLE > Pioneer receiver > HDMI-OUT Cable > T.V.

What i want (or i think it's the best solution) is:
My PS3 > HDMI CABLE > HDMI-Splitter >

then the two outputs on the splitter is as follows:

(1) to PCI-e Capture Device on P.C

(2) to Pioneer receiver > HDMI-OUT Cable > T.V.

the problem is, they say i can't recored PS3 Gameplay through HDMI on my PC because it's HDCP'ed :(

How can i overcome this problem?! :)


(1) I Will still watch my live playing on the T.V. and my P.C. Will be recording. ( i'm not playing PS3 on my PC while recording, so it wont matter if there is recording lag or anything, i'll be watching it directly on T.V.)

(2) I'm Playing on a good 1080P screen, i don't want the 'slightest' Quality/resolution degrade in picture, i want to see it As good as connecting my PS3 to T.V directly.

(3) Recording in 1080p is not necessary, 720p or maybe less is good enough.

(4) As you might figured it out by now, My P.C. is also connected through HDMI to my Pioneer Amp, and i switch from PS3 to it.


Jan 28, 2013