Video card and rate my specs please:)

casey 17

Aug 27, 2008
Hi i've just been down to my local pc shop to get a quote on a build, i did have a pc from but i just returned it because it was faulty and now waiting for my refund.

these are the specs from the shop.

Q6600 quad core.

P5K motherboard

500GB sata hard drive

4gb ram

ati radeon HD 4870x2 2gb

vista 64bit premium.

the build is £1140

this may be a little more expensive than online but i will have the advantage of being able to go and check the performence of the games i wish to play and they'll tweek it to fit my needs as a mad head gamer bloke



Oct 30, 2007
Your rig sounds top notch, only have what is req'd with nothing as too much over the top bar the GFX card (more me being jealous than anything :p).

Pricing seems fairish coming from a shop, although it depends on the exact make and model of the mobo,ram and HDD. I just spec'ed the same rig with the components'ish you've mentioned. Just under £900 for the full tower inc sound card etc.. then whatever your paying for the monitor, k/b and mouse so again it's isn't to far off the mark.

As for tweaking it... even if you run at 1920x1200 you'll have no probs running all games pretty much maxx'ed. Overclocking your CPU will obviously help, but it's better you learn than relying on other system builders. Plus it's cheaper and becomes a little more personalized ;).
Q6600 is a great choice. There are better (and more expensive) CPUs like Q9550 but they won't add much value in games.

4870x2 - excellent choice again

500GB SATA - if it's a WD 500GB, change it to WD 640GB because the WD 500GB is slow. The WD 640GB and Seagate 500GB are very fast.

RAM - 4 GB is right. What kind? If it's 2x2Gb that's better than 4x1GB. DDR2-800 would be perfect. Some brands are better than others. For example I like Corsair and Mushkin.

Good choice of O/S too.

The P5K motherboard is a bit old. It's based on a chipset called P35 that has been superseded. What bothers me about it is the fact that it has PCI-E 1, which may limit the performance of the HD 4870X2. It would be better to get a motherboard with PCI-E 2.0, like Asus P5Q Pro or GA-EP45-DS3R (anyway, something based on P45).

Case? PSU? For that setup I'd pick an Antec 900 or CoolerMaster 690, with a Corsair 750W.



First off run from Vista 64-bit it is about as unstable as you can get!!! Secondly you really need to go ahead and upgrade that RAM to DDR3, because the price difference isn't that grate and it is well worth it. Your graphics card is more than enough, but be careful about Radeon, because alot of games won't support Radeon!!!! Overall I would rate your computer a B+, and with the fixes I suggested I would give it and A!!!