Video card battle; I'm tearing my hair out!


Aug 8, 2009
I've had this 3.2 P4 build since release of the CPU, it's finally time for an upgrade.

I'm going with a 920 i7 build.

Silverstone Raven case (got to my door today, went on sale and nabbed it)
WD 1TB Black
6GB Corsair Dominator Memory
Corsair 1000W Certified PSU
Coolermaster V8

I've been researching for 2 months or so on various parts. Right now I'm hung up on what to run for graphics cards, the above parts are decided on. I will be playing at 16x10 res and would like to build a system that will last. I've read that due to the tri-channel memory layout and i7 build, it's best to run a dual GPU card, or dual cards. Is this true? Then comes the other battle, ATI vs Nvidia. ATI cards are priced extremely competitive in comparison to Nvidia cards. Is there anything I should worry about specific to an i7 build when choosing a card?

Card recommendations are also taken, I've been an ATI guy for my last 3 builds, I'd like to switch it up and go for a 285GTX. I also love EVGA's support and warranties. Though, the 4870x2 is priced very competitively and has good numbers. I guess I'm not educated enough on the inter-workings of a card to decide. Any help here is appreciated!