Oct 17, 2009
I'm having the same issue as some other people but, I can't put my finger on why the hell it's happened. Is there anyway of Replacing the capacitors with a higher rating one....To Alleviate the problem? Or would that just Give me more problems? But the issue didn't start until after I replaced my motherboard and PSU, I was running 2x 8900gts's SLI Mode and one by one, on each of my cards the capacitors would Blow out....Till I figured out what was going on, that's how I ran it. I Carefully unsoldered and Re-Soldered Capacitors with the Same specs back into the board. Not even a week Later, I could hear another pop. So I took both the video cards out, and put a lower end video card in, I think a 7200 Nvidia card, I haven't had issues till now, but I believe it's due to heat, seeing as the fan is no longer working, and It was only when I would run 3d Apps, that the computer would shut my video card down, so it wouldn't over heat. I have a good Quality PSU, So i don't understand why My capacitors would start blowing out........It never happened to me before. And the reason I replaced the PSU before is because it went out before....And the PSU prior came with the computer that I had built about 1 year prior. So...............any ideas..............or is it still considered a heat / faulty Capacitor issue? Maybe the mother board shorting out to the Case?


Nov 23, 2006
I'm not 100% sure what the problem is, but I have a hunch...

Is your computer hooked up to a surge protector? (99% of power strips are surge protectors)
Capacitors have aging isues and heat accelerates the problem as does unstable power. Your power source, your PSU and your MoBo all have an effect on power stability.

Of course getting "clean" power requires spending money:

1. A quality UPS feeding your system is the 1st line of defense.
2. A quality PSU (Corsair HX / Antec Signature) is 2nd line.
3. Good power regulation on the Mobo is 3rd line.

If you want to see how far a manufacturer can go on the MoBo, look at the Asus Rampage II Extreme....
Solid polymer caps can be touchy when it comes to heat just like electrolytic caps. So drop the temps inside the box by at least 10c at max load and that should help. Is it the 16v caps or the 8.3v caps?