Video card not working at maximum power?


Jan 26, 2013
My video card on my new laptop is an Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000, and with 4 GB of RAM, My diagnostics say that my approximate total memory is 1696 MB, yet it never exceeds 114 MB, causing games like Minecraft and video streaming from Youtube to both have definite lag. I'm just wondering why my computer isn't performing at maximum capability, and if there is some sort of setting or something preventing it from doing so that I can change, or if there is some way to configure my laptop to do so, and how. Thanks.


Aug 15, 2007
What model is your laptop?
The HD4000 is an onchip video processor and it is not really designed for gaming...
that said. you might be able to adjust the amount of ram alotted to the graphics.
But minecraft is not a heavy graphic load so it should play decently on this...
The hd 4000 should have no issue playing minecraft and youtube. It will use as much vram as it needs but since it does use ram as vram, what is your ram usage? If your system is taking it all, then the gpu will only get what is assigned to it. You can check the dedicated and shared amount in dxdiag if you save all info. Bios should also have an option to adjust the dedicated amount.