Video card options in relation to Final Fantasy 14


Mar 12, 2014
I have a Video card Radeon 5450 and it didn't meet minimum requirements and doesn't seem to run Final Fantasy 14 ARR too well. It lags and stutters (during the FF 14 benchmark it said Slighty Playable) (which is fine, understand) I have another computer that has a Geforece 640 I think that when I ran the test on "can i run" it said Minum requirements met. I was wondering if I get another Geforce 640 (like in my other computer) will it run at minimum specs? (that is the only thing not working. it is a 3 gig quad core system with 4 gigs of ram) (trying to make it work for someone. My thought is yes it will run at minum specs without to may lag spikes like it has now. (I know lag is in any MMO but I think this is different)

This computer is a Desktop. 3 Gig system Quad core with 4 gigs of ram (everything checked out fine on Can I run Just the Video card that is in it now did not check out) I ran the same can I run it for FF14:ARR and it at least passed minimum specs. Thanks for the assistance.
You should be able to upgrade the graphics card but the first thing you need to do is verify if the PSU in your system is up to snuff. Usually with a regular desktop they include the cheapest power supply they can find and they tend to not have enough power for a better graphics card.