Video card overclocking decision (HELP)!


Oct 15, 2009
I want to upgrade my video card that will last for about 2 years playing on a 1280x1024 resolution on a 19 inch monitor. i am thinking about a 9800gt because a 9800gtx will not fit. but anyways.... since i dont want to spend much i want to buy a evga 9800gt regular edition for like $99 and overclock it to the specs of the overclocked edition. if i do that... would it have higher temps then a allready overclocked card?

IF u want.. can u tell me which psu should i get? im not going to e upgradeing anymore so.... i probabley only need the minimum. i shop newegg or tigerdirect

I am running a pentium d 2.66ghz with 1gb ram thats upgradeing to 2gb ram. 1 harddrive that might become 2 hard drives.
First thing is that yes, more heat will be generated. If you're going to over clock try EVGA Precision. Works well. Having said that, you're only going to stress your card for a couple of extra FPS. Not really worth it with those cards. I don't know what they cost now but I'd look for a "newer" card in that price range. For sure they'd be faster and work well for your resolution. A power supply, you didn't mention what you had but something with 30 or 35 amps should be enough for you. ( single 12v rail design )