Video Card Problem on Gx60 and Gx260 Desktops


Sep 8, 2011

I am trying to install VisionTek ATI Radeon 3450 512 DDR2 PCI video cards on a number of GX60 and Gx260 desktops so that I can have two VGA outputs for dual monitor and extended desktop support. I cross referenced with the compatibility on these systems on dell's website and they state it should work fine.

However, when I install the PCI video cards into the systems, both the onboard and the new PCI video fail to output anything. This happens on all of the systems and I have tried with different video cards so I know its not a bad card.

What I am doing wrong here? How can I make sure that both can work together?

Just to clarify, I am NOT trying to install MULTIPLE cards to each system, but rather just one card per system, so there will be a total of 2 VGA ports per system (onboard + new PCI card)
First off, have you made sure the output for video is set to the video card and not the onboard video in the BIOS?

You can't use the onboard video and the add-on video card on those computers. Either one or the other.

Some newer computers might be able to do this...but i'm pretty sure those old Dells cannot.

Also just as FYI - i've dealt with those GX 260's previously, and they have horrible reliability (capacitors busting, motherboard frying etc.).

As long as that single video card has dual outputs - you should be able to use dual screens. One might be VGA and the other might be DVI.