Video card problem



is there any way to fix my video card? It is giving me this 'matrix' effect, my screen is chopped up with green boxes and pix-elated, it changes on the restart, yet remains during the memory check and in the bios.. is it possible to fix this? I cleaned the fan and re-applied the arctic silver compound for the heatsink.. maybe under clocking will do? I've tried an older card and it works fine.. this card is the fastest I have of the two which is Radeon 9700. Any suggestions?


Oct 7, 2009
the only thing I can say is that if your other card is working fine with the system but your faster one is not... your Radeon 9700 is just a defective card and if you are fine with it, just keep the old one in your computer, and try to get a replacement 9700 if it is still under warranty.

Hope that helps at all