Video Card Problems - Windows Vista 64


Dec 14, 2007
Dear friends, I am having some trouble with a video card and I really hope somebody can give me some "light" on this !!!

I am using Windows Vista 64 with an onboard video connection. Now I just installed a PCI-Express video card (and its drivers) and here is the deal; I can only use one OR the other. If I disconnect the cable from the onboard card, the add-on card works perfectly. If I disconnect the cable from the add-on card the onboard card works perfecly. Now, if I connect both of them together, only the onboard card works; and it doesn't even recognize the other card !!! (PS; I am using VGA on the onboard and DVI on the add-on, if that helps).

How do I get BOTH of them to work together ?

Thanks a lot,

Munir Trad


Jul 21, 2009
With my motherboard i have an onboard as well. But my motherboard is a hybrid.

When doing research on this thing i found out that i can use the onboard to boost my video cards... i have two evga geforce 8600gts 512mb sli'd... i really dont understand the boost (maybe someone can explain it)... but the onboard is a geforce 8 series... maybe it will only work with single gpu.. Also you can set it to power save settings which turns off your plug in gpu and switches to the onboard gpu to save power. But like scott said, the cards would most likely have to be matched in order to use both. And like evon said, just use the dual ports on the plug in card.... wait.... what kinda gpus anyway?