Video Card upgrades


Aug 6, 2009
I have a Hp Pavilion dv6000 with a AMD Turion 64 X2 mobile Technology TL-60 2.00GHz processor, and 2 gb of ram. I need a video card capable of running mircosoft flight simulator X at maximum graphic settings. please recommend one for me. Thanks.



Would you please provide a link to one that fits in his laptop computer

Eric - do you have a budget in mind? Most desktop cards - even ones costing hundreds of dollars - won't run MS flight simulator with max graphics. And we all know that the choice for laptops and notebooks is very limited and much more costly. Also much harder to replace, have you verified you can change your notebook graphics card, and that you can do it yourself? Does the manual tell you how to change it and what, if any, are the specs required for the replacement?


Jul 23, 2009

I second that, video cards in laptops are very expensive and are not a simple hardware swap like in desktops.
It was a stupid answer to a stupid question, laptops have been around for a while now it's not a new technology by any stretch of the imagination and yet the people who by them still think that they can just be upgraded like a desktop/tower. If the OP can't be arsed to research their purchasing decisions then I shall feel free to take a sarky swipe at them whenever they stick their heads over the parapet.



Shame on you.

First, it would not surprise me if the majority of American adults were not aware of the severe limitation on upgrading graphics on a laptop. While laptops have been around for quite awhile - many still don't have them and more probably use them only in business or in their limited applications without ever considering the graphics limitations.

Second, you confuse lack of knowledge for stupidity. That only shows your own lack of knowledge - or is it stupidity?

Third, your judgemental attitude and quick attack is your problem and no one elses.

As you are the one responding it seems you are the one who is having the problem, I don't care one way or the other.



Lol - just another example of poor judgement and reasoning and another bogus attack. By your logic whenever good stands up to wrong it is the good with the problem because it is responding.

From your vague reply it is impossible to tell what you are saying you don't care about - whether it is about which card he selects. your providing bad info, your judgemetal and abusive attack, or that someone is pointing those out. But your bogus attack before saying you don't care pretty much belies the latter and proves that you do care on some level - but only about yourself - and not enough to keep from repeating the bad behavior.
As amusing as this thread has become >:)

Sorry Eric211 but you're SOL

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The best you can do is a motherboard swap from the d6 series that has an 8400GS, and no you won't be able to run FSX with max settings.