Question Video Cards, Cables, Bandwidth, etc Questions

Aug 25, 2019

I'm a little confused when it comes to the display ports on even the most powerful video cards. For example, the RTX 2080 Ti boasts very solid performance, allowing gamers to get the best out of gaming experience. And I see a lot of users mention how they utilize 144hz monitors or even 240hz.

Where I get confused is that the actual display ports (take this ASUS ROG RTX 2080 Ti for example) on most of these have ports like HDMI 2.0b and/or DisplayPort 1.4. And it is my understanding that the max frame rate of these are 60hz and 120hz respectively.

Does this mean that when users purchase these higher-end monitors capable of 144/240hz, that they aren't even seeing the true performance considering these video cards don't appear to offer ports like HDMI 2.1 or DisplayPort 2.0? Or do I have my numbers/thought process wrong on this?


Those are supported speeds for 4K. You can see the list of data rates for Display port here:

My 2080 Ti has video out DP ports that are 1.4 - my 32" 144Hz 1440p monitor has 1.2 DP port input. DP is generation down compatible mono-directional.

Refresh rates are also dependent on the screen resolution. So 1.4 gen DP ports/cables as you can see in the chart can handle 4k at 120Hz and 8k at 60Hz. DP 2.0 is next gen that no normal gamer will need to have, 1.2 is the norm.

The same can be said for HDMI, but I would go with DP when using high refresh rate monitors.
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