Question Video Conference Call Setup - Recommendations

Hi All

I would appreciate any suggestions for video conference call solutions for small/medium size meeting rooms. The scenario is looking for setups for meeting rooms suitable for 4-8 people. The rooms already have TV's and usb camera, microphone & speaker, there is also a HDMI cable. Although the cables are routed through the floor it is a mess of cables on the table. This mess of cables stops many people in the office even trying the setup as it looks complicated and for those that do try it is often far from straight forward to get working as Windows may not default the correct mic/speaker. Our CEO is fed up of this and wants a simple to use, wireless or single cable option. Budget is a secondary concern, he has already been quoted £25k for 1 room by a professional installer. If thats what it costs he will pay it but we both feel like this is a rip off. He is willing to sacrifice video quality, as long as its respectable. Priority number 1 is ease of use.

I have started looking into options and standing out so far are ClickShare Conference overview - Barco This plus a camera which may even be the existing ones looks like it would work and is wireless but requires a dongle. Another idea I have is Microsoft Wireless Display adapters and using WiDi which our laptops support. Then having a single cable for the existing cameras.

Are there any avenues I should investigate or recommendations of setups that you have seen working well even by the technology challenged?

FYI I am UK based if that matters

Thank you