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Video Controller (VGA Compatible) Driver

Need more details.

XP comes with a default vga driver, which will run almost any display hardware at a low resolution. To get the full use of your video hardware, you need drivers specific to it.

So. Do you have a laptop or a desktop? What brand and model? If a desktop, did you build it yourself? What video card is in it? If you bought it pre-built, you can see what video card is in it with Device Manager (right-click on My Computer, select Properties, on the pop-up box go to the Hardware tab and click on Device Manager. Open the section for Display Adapters and there it is. Or download a utility such as CPU-Z that will tell you about the graphics card.

Once we know the make and model, we can download the drivers from the vendor site.

A question: Why do you think that you need drivers? What stopped working or never worked, what do you see? Might it be some other problem, or are you sure that it is drivers?

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