Question Video delayed on all browsers after watching for a few minutes

May 12, 2020
Hello, i have a problem with my pc that started a few days ago, when i start watching a video it goes normally, but like after 2 minutes the video is delayed, so i hear the sound like 2 seconds before the action. If i continue watching more time, the delay sometimes goes from 2 seconds to even like 10 seconds, which is absolutely unwatchable. For example i hear the shooting in a film and 2 seconds after i see the gun shooting.
This happens on all browsers i've tried, also it's not an issue with my graphics card or sound card, already tried installing new drivers, installing old ones from archive and my graphics card and audio card are just fine.
Also tried disabling hardware acceleration.
Already installed all the windows updates.
This issue happens on Youtube, Twitch, movie streaming sites and i'm quite sure it isn't just these, but all of them.
I don't want to reinstall my pc, because i reinstalled it a month ago.
I even came into consideration that it my be my addons, ublock origin and twich now, which i always installed to the browser, but after removing them, and installing a fresh new browser, i realised that isn't the issue either.
I really don't have a clue what to try now, i tried so much things over the last few days that i can't even name them, and nothing worked, that's why i'm asking for help.
Thanks in advance.