Video distortion-dont think its from my video card


Jun 20, 2003
I was wondering if I could find an answer to my problem. I have a home built system about 2 years old, though some components have been upgraded. Three months ago I began experiencing video distortion while playing fallout:new vegas. There would be all these blue characters that would pop up overlaying the graphics, and then the game would freeze. I thought it was specific to the game, but when I would reboot every now and then I would see them on the POST screen and as I entered windows 7. Didn't really freeze in windows, but if I went to a game, it would generally freeze and I would have to reboot. The system seemed to do better if I let it rest for a while. I obviously targeted the video card (Sapphire Radeon 4870 x2)first as possibly a heating problem. Went in and the GPU fan to 100%, and the computer would last a few minutes longer, but still freeze. Tried reinstalling an earlier driver set, and the problem would get better for a few days, then return The problem got consistently worse, and I eventually decided to get a new video card. I bought a PNY GTX 580 and the computer worked like new for two weeks. Now, I have had a few episodes of different video distortions when playing games, but no freezing. Once in windows, the screen blanked out and returned and windows said the video driver had recovered from a serious error. I don't have a spare computer or any friends here with even a PCI express slot to test the old card. I don't think its a power supply problem in that I had the same system that worked great for almost 2 years. I am now wondering about the memory, cpu, or MB. Tell me what you think

My system
Core I5/750 processor stock cooler
OCZ 700 W power supply
MSI P55-GD 65 motherboard
6 GB memory
Windows 7 home professional
new Geforce 580 GTX old Radeon 4870 x2


Nov 1, 2009
Sounds like artifacting for the first problem, due to overheating.
Second one sounds like you didn't install the nvidia drivers right. Try using driver sweeper from Guru3d in safe mode to completely remove all graphics drivers and then install the nvidia drivers.
1. uninstall drivers via control panel
2. boot into safe mode
3. run driver sweeper, remove all gfx drivers
4. boot normally
5. install nvidia drivers

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