Question Video driver is stuck on Microsoft Basic Display Driver and can't run games, but display still works from GPU. Is my motherboard/PCIe slot faulty?


Apr 17, 2014
One day, I ran ARMA 3 for the first time and then my PC suddenly crashed. Since then, I've been having issues with my display driver. It's always stuck on Microsoft Basic Display Driver. It won't let me run games at all (although it can run League of Legends at 15 fps lowest settings). I've tried uninstalling drivers (using DDU), reinstalling different driver releases from different dates, and it solves nothing. I've switched out my GTX 780 to a new RX 470 and it has the exact same issue. There was a time where my video driver was showing as NVIDIA as it should, but whenever I ran graphic intensive games for 20 seconds, my PC would freeze. Now it's just permanently stuck in the Basic Display Driver.

I've tried everything; clearing my CMOS, updating my BIOS, removing static electricity, reinstalling Windows, and even installing Linux. The only possible culprits I can think of are the motherboard and the power supply. My whole PC was newly built at the beginning of the year with new parts, so it's hard to decide what the problem is. But considering that my motherboard has had issues in the past (the CPU fan bent my motherboard once and my RAM wasn't being detected), it might be the culprit. Can anyone help me?