Video editing CS5


Feb 28, 2012
Considering a homebuild for CS5 from Videoguys recommended build with i7 3820, PX79 Pro mobo, and 1200 watt Corsair Gold psu. Was wondering if that PX79 is the best pick for the mobo. A guy at a local computer shop didn't care for Asus, ...recommended Gigabyte or MSI mobo's. I'll have 3 drives, one for OS 2 others for storage. I'm in the dark about drives. Some are 3gb, some are 6gb. I'm guessing this is speed related. Should I stick with 6gb? Canon Vixia cam.
I can't answer regarding the i7 3820 as I am using an i7 2600K but I do have an Asus motherboard and have been pleased with the performance thus far. For the OS drive I am using an SSD drive. I do have two drives in addition to the OS drive. The 3gb and 6gb are speed related. The video card is also an important consideration as the CUDA (NVIDIA) part of the gpu does accelerate encoding (for more check the Adobe site). Also, the amount of RAM is a consideration as well. I just upgraded to CS6.


regarding 3gb & 6gb for the drives it doesnt really matter as a mechanical drive cant exceed either speed once its past using the small cache memory they have. As long as your 3gb drive isnt older its probably almost as fast as the 6gb drive.