Video Editing/Multimedia-How much faster I7-2700 versus I5-750?


Jul 19, 2010
I am just considering upgrading from I5-750 to I7-2700 K. I was wondering how much speed increase I can expect in terms of multimedia video editing/encoding. I am getting a mid-range DSLR next month and plan on editing more video-primarily in AVCHD format (Sony DSLR)


Dec 12, 2009

I am running my i5 750 @ 4Ghz so you can easily overclock your processor to less then that to match or exceed the performance of the i7 2700 easily. Plus you do not have to purchase or change anything. You can do moderate overclocks with your cpu cooler and if you want to get up to 4Ghz then you can just get a better aftermarket cooler. As he said unless the program will utilize the 4 virtual threads which there are very few programs that do.. I would not bother. I would invest in a 10k RPM velociraptor or a SSD. Even a 7200RPM HD will be better then a standard drive.. Say a Western Digital Black Drive with 16-32MB cache 7,200rpm. If you have any other questions let me know.



about 20% going to sandy bridge architecture and another 10% if your programs of choice can use hyperthreading. So about 30% for equal clock speeds.

overclocking doesnt really come into the picture as the 2700 is also a "k" chip and will overclock really well also; I havent seen one fail to reach 4.4Ghz stable.

Also, blackdeath is right on with getting an extra hdd, with editing you dont want your source and your destination on the same drive, its even recommended to have the OS on a seperate disk from the other two.


Oct 5, 2010
Video editing and transcoding is one area where the the i7 2700k will substantially outperform an i5 750. Most of the time you will be almost entirely CPU bound, so a faster cpu will always yield benefits. The main exception to this is if you use an application with cuda acceleration (personally I do not recommend it as quality leaves a lot to be desired in my experience).

You don't say what package you're intending to use but most of them can make full use of the 8 threads offered by an i7 2700k. So I would say it's an upgrade well worth making.