Question Video editing rendering performance effects GPU GTX1660ti super pciex16 to pciex8 or pcie4 slots

Oct 26, 2020
I am planning new build for Ryzen 7 2700x or Ryzen 5 3600x with Asus prime x570-p motherboard or Asus x470- prime pro motherboard Both motherboard same price. I am planning for GPU GTX 1660ti super or GTX 1650 super. I am planning for 4 four Samsung 970 evo plus 1tb drives and board have 2 slots so I have decided to purchase a Asus hyper m.2 adpater card v2 gen4 or gen3 so that I can use more nvme drives .

I want that Asus hyper m.2 adapter card in first pcie slot which works in pcie x16 slot so that the cards all 4 slots work in m.2 pcie4x4 or 3x8 speed.

To put the Asus hyper M.2 card in pciex16 slot I have to place GPU gtx1660ti in either pcie 4.0x4 slots in Asus. Prime x570-p board or pcie 3.0x8 in Asus x470 prime pro motherboard.

Now my question is that

Q1. Will GPU GTX 1660 to super will work in pciex16 slots working pcie4.0x4 or pcie3.0x8 lanes mode or not

Q2. What will be performance effect of GPU GTX 1660ti super if used in pciex16 slot working in pcie4.0x4 or pcie3.0x8 lanes mode in video editing or rendering

Q3. If gtx1660ti super effects on performance of video editing or rendering then can gtx1650 super work fine in pcie16x slot working in pcie4.0x4 or pcie3.0x8 lanes mode.

Q4. Does any can help me share any real time test technical comparison benchmark article test link for effects of GPU GTX1660ti super or GTX 1650super
On video editing or rendering working in pcie4x4 or pcie3x8 lanes mode. I found many videos article test benchmarks many on games FPS effects which is hardly 2% to 5%. But could not find any video editing rendering applications.

Q5. What your opinion for starting learning video editing rendering which GPU is good gtx1660ti super or gtx1650 super or RTX 570 or RTX 580

Thank in advance for precious time advice and opinions .waiting for help opinions
1 yes it work fine will but your gaming performance will be slightly lower than it should be.
2 see above
3 Doesn't make sense but you are trying, for video editing 1650super and 1660ti/super will all perform about the same
4 No I can not, but the difference between the two will be negligible... so there won't be any reason to get the 1660ti for video editing only.

5 For video editing, you will likely want an 8 GB card for larger file sizes. @ 1080p the 1650super would be fine. Even 4K would be fine, it would just be slower because of the smaller memory on that card.

6, I haven't used premier or anything like it in a long time