Video Editing Software that syncs with Powerpoint


Apr 4, 2006
Hi. I work for a company that regularly records presentations and uploads them to the server synced to a powerpoint presentation. What we do is we run Microsoft Producer, import the powerpoint and start recording. Whenever the presenter goes to the next slide, I change the slide on Producer so the timing gets recorded. The problem is that Presenter doesn't have a back button, there's no way to go back in a presentation if the presenter does. Also, effect changes (such as a picture appearing on the slide) are locked in. If you want to retime an effect, you have to go into powerpoint and retime it. On top of that, Producer's editing tools are stone-age, even worse than Windows Movie Maker's. We're looking for an upgrade and what we need is video editing software that runs on Windows XP (no Mac programs) that can import Powerpoint, Word and Excel files and allow video to be synced up to it. This can be a home or a proffesional program. Thanks for any help.